Derry/L'Derry City
Professionally Qualified and Accreditted Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Children.
Supervision for Qualified Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Students
For those who work as carers themselves we offer the support of clinical supervision. Whether you are just beginning to work as a counselor or if you have been in this work for sometime - we aim to offer a space where you can reflect, rest and renew the wounded healer in you.
For counsellors and psychotherapists,  supervision provides an opportunity to stand back from their work and be supported in their efforts to help others.  It provides a safe place where people can explore the dynamics of the counselling work so as to be clearer about the process they are engaged in.  The primary concern is the safety of both client and counsellor.  It also helps a counsellor to develop new awareness and creativity in their work.
Seamus and Bernadette have all been trained in the cyclical model of supervision (Page & Wosket 1994—Supervising the Counsellor). This model facilitates supervisors to work with counsellors who are of any school or methodology of counselling.  This is because the goal of supervision is not to mould the counsellor into our way of working, but to provide a reflective space where new insights and learning can emerge.

Supervision Fee: £40 per hour, £60 per one and a half hour session.


Pastoral Support

For those who are not counsellors, but who are involved in the work of caring and supporting others, pastoral support gives them an opportunity to talk about their work and be supported in it.  It would be particularly useful to clergy, chaplains, social workers, teachers who have a pastoral care responsibility and medical carers.  It can also be used effectively by those in the complimentary healing profession.  Like supervision, it is a way of ensuring safety and developing creativity in the work of caring for others. It is a mark of professionalism and signifies the care and respect that underlies all pastoral support professions.

And what about you the counsellor?

We would like to use the facilities and natural beauty of Rathcarn,
together with our own professional training, expertise and experience, to provide ongoing growth, healing and support for counsellors.
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